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Our fleecy friends at Braeview

When you arrive at our car park at Braeview you'll be greeted by some some small fleecy friends and one large bossy sheep. That's Georgie! Georgie was part of the commercial flock at the farm i.e she was a breeding ewe. She'd always been friendly (maybe just hungry as it's definitely 'cupboard love') and when she got to retirement age we thought that she might be able to impart some of her chilled out wisdom on my Bowmont ewes. Not gonna lie - that's been an epic fail as my little Bowmonts are still wild as the hills but we love having Georgie in the paddock really to great guests with a friendly Baa!

My little Bowmonts are a cross between a Merino (they have lovely fleece but aren't very hardy and don't appreciate the Scottish Weather) and a Shetland (the hardy part!) I bought them from Alford in Aberdeenshire in November 2021. The Bowmonts were sheared in June 2022 and their fleeces sent to The Border Mill at Duns and processed in to skeins of wool. It's absolutely gorgeous. We also have some rovins which can be used for spinning by hand or for felting.

I love my little sheepies - they make me smile everyday with their bonkers baa'ing and their happy wee faces. I also have a complete obsession with crochet and all things blanket making so being able to produce my own wool at Braeview sell it in our little honesty shop makes me very proud.

Make sure when you arrive at Braeview to take a couple of minutes to say hi to Georgie and her little fleecy friends.

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