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Braeview Bowmonts

We bought our Bowmonts in November 2021. Since then they have settled in well and provide a warm welcome to our guests when they arrive in the Braeview car park.

Bowmonts are a cross between a Merino (known for their lovely fleece) and a Shetland (known to be hardy!). The cross makes a hardy sheep suitable for the Scottish weather with a superfine fleece. 

The sheep were clipped in June 2022 and their fleeces were processed by The Border Mill at Duns.  I am slightly obsessed by all things crochet and being able to produce our own wool has been a great experience. It's still very much a learning curve but there's something very satisfying about producing something of such a high quality and it's all done  locally. 

There are still some 50g skeins left in stock so if you wish to buy some please contact me on 07939 119 662 and we can delivery locally or post to you. 

Beyonce the Bowmont Sheep.jpg
Braeview Bowmont Wool.png
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