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Our Networking Weekend

In June 2023, Braeview hosted a weekend of networking for women in business. The ladies had the time and space to be productive in the peaceful setting of Braeview. Massage treatments were provided for those who wanted them. It's the perfect location to focus on whats important without distraction and grab some quality R&R at the same time. 

Try something new at Braeview
Gong Bath anyone?

We recently hosted a Gong Bath at Braeview. During a Gong Bath all you have to do is lie or sit comfortably, close your eyes and be immersed in waves of mesmerizing sounds from the gongs as well as drum, Himalayan singing bowls, chimes and voice. The many overtones produced by the instruments quickly help you sink into a meditative state, and you emerge from the experience feeling de-stressed, relaxed and invigorated. It was such a gorgeous day we hosted outside but we can also offer Gong Baths in our wee Bothy.

The session takes around an hour and a half and can be booked by contacting Braeview or Liza directly.  A  Gong Bath for 4 is £100 payable to Liza.

07561 483 277 or 



Hoodies available direct from the printers. Zipped version also available in 28 colours.

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