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 Exclusively for adults and pet free 

  • Do all the pods have Super Fast Free Wi-Fi?
    Yes - all our pods have free super fast Wi-Fi - it's really easy to connect to - no code required.
  • Do you have an EV Charging point?
    Yes we do! We have 1 EV charging point available for guests to use. We apply an honesty system, so you let us know how many kWhs you use we you can pay by cash or BACs. Due to the fluctuating electricity costs the tariff will confirmed before charging.
  • Can we have a fire?
    Yes - All pods come with a fire pit/BBQ and utensil's. You can bring your own fire wood or buy a fire pit pack on arrival from our wee honesty shop. Some guests have also brought disposable BBQs and have used them on top of the fire pit.
  • Can I watch TV in my pod?
    Each pod has it's own Smart TV. You can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, iPlayer or ITV Hub with your own account but there is no TV ariel (mainly because we can not get a signal at the pods!) This means you can not watch terrestrial TV. Please remember to log out of any accounts that you use before you leave!
  • Are the pods warm enough for the site to be open all year round?
    Yes - Our pods are super cosy with under floor heating, lashings of insulation and a heated towel rail in the en suite. Regardless of what the Scottish weather throws at you, you'll be lovely and warm in your lovely pod.
  • Can we cook in our pod?
    The pods have a kitchenette with a two-ring hob, which can be used for preparing meals. Each pod also has a microwave. There is a fridge with freezer compartment for food items which require refrigeration. The kitchenettes are not designed for cooking big fancy meals but you will be able to prepare and cook simple meals in the pods - in fact it amazes me how many amazing meals out guests manage to prepare.
  • Why is there a minimum stay in a hot tub pod?
    We have always had a 3 night minimum stay during the summer and a 2 night minimum through the winter. Our hot tubs are drained, cleaned, refilled and reheated after every set of guests. No exceptions. The water, labour costs and electricity used to carry this out is just not sustainable for anything less than a 2 night stay. We are working towards our Green Tourism Award and we have a commitment to ensure that each hot tub is not changed over more than twice per week. You can come and use our hot tubs knowing that they are clean and follow guidelines with regards to their upkeep, cleanliness and servicing. In the past we have had guests book a 3 night stay and stay for 2 - using the extra day as an early or late check-in. We will always stand by this decision to protect the quality of stays at Braeview while doing our best to protect the environment.
  • Can we stay for 1 night?
    For a trial period we are offering single night stays in our standard pods. We would always encourage you to try and stay at Braeview for a minimum of 2 nights. It's difficult to capture the laid back vibe if you're only here for a single night and Braeview is all about allowing yourself the time to relax and make the best of the peace & quiet - however we also realise its not always possible to stay for longer - even if you'd like to. Single night stays are priced at £150 - this nightly rate is higher than our usual rates for to cover the increased cleaning and laundry costs that we will incur. Please note that this does not include hot tub pods.
  • Where do I park?
    Our car parking area is next to the pod site, with access to the pods just a short walk through a pedestrian gate. There is 1 parking space per pod. Please let us know if you require an additional parking space.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Depending on the time of year you will be able to see livestock in every direction at Braeview. Due to this close proximity to the sheep and cows we unfortunately can't allow pets on the site. We also have several dogs at the farm and it can be upsetting for them to have other dogs in their territory. The dogs on the farm are very friendly! 😯 While we try our very best to keep them away from site they do love to visit. We realise that not everyone is a dog lover so we try really hard to discourage the dogs from being on site. If you do see them onsite, please don't feed them and just give Morag a call so we can retrieve them! 🐶
  • Are children allowed on site?
    Braeview is exclusively for adults (Over 18's only). It's a relaxing retreat where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside and recharge your batteries and therefore no children are allowed on site.
  • Can we bring our friends to visit Braeview?
    Unfortunately, we do not allow extra visitors on site – only our Braeview guests. It’s important for the comfort and security of all our guests.
  • Can we book the whole site?
    Yes! We understand how wonderful it is to have a place to yourself and Braeview is the perfect destination for groups of families or friends. Please contact us directly before booking, either by email or phone, to discuss your group’s specific requirements. We’ll do our best to make it a perfect stay!
  • Is there a noise restriction?
    We ask that you are respectful of the other people staying on site and ask that guests keep noise to a minimum between 10pm and 7am (which means no loud noises outside).
  • How quiet is it at Braeview?
    Generally life around Braeview is very quiet. There are cows and sheep in the fields around the site (depending on the time of year) and on occasions they can be noisy. There are also hens and some dogs at Buskin farm. It is a working farm so there is large machinery in use on a regular basis, but the site is around 300yards from the farm. We aim to plant lots of hedges which will hopefully be teaming with small birds and it's amazing how chirpy they can be! We can't guarantee absolute silence, but hopefully the noises of nature and farm animals contributes positively to your stay.
  • Can I smoke at Braeview?
    Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited inside the pods but we do allow smoking around the outside patio spaces of the pods. Please dispose of cigarette butts carefully.
  • Is there a fridge in our pod?
    Yes, each pod has a fridge with a freezer compartment. Perfect for keeping your bubbly stuff cool and the ice cubes at the ready.
  • Can we visit the working farm?
    Braeview is based at Buskin Farm. At Buskin there are 70 breeding cows and around 400 breeding ewes. While we do not offer farm tours (yet!) we are always delighted to chat 'farming'. From the pods you will see Braeview has it's own tiny flock of sheep that we keep for wool. They're quite friendly and if we are around we are happy to let guests meet and feed the sheep! Access to the farm house and farm buildings is strictly prohibited due to safety risks. We take our Health and Safety responsibilities very seriously and ask visitors to respect our safety rules. We politely ask guests to please stay within the Glampsite and only use the authorised road for access but if you wish to know more bout the farm and the animals please just ask.
  • Are there laundry facilities at Braeview?
    There is no laundry at Braeview, however if you have an urgent need for a washing machine please just get in touch and we can see if we can help!
  • What are the check-in and check-out times
    Check-in is available from 4pm. We are a small family run business and we do our best to offer early arrivals where we can - but we can't guarantee it until the day of arrival. Check-out is 10am unless otherwise agreed - this is especially important if you are in a hot tub pod. We need to drain, clean, refill and reheat the tub before the next set of guests. Please do your best to check-out on time - it is very much appreciated.😁
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