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Green Tourism

We are currently working towards our first Green Tourism Award. Looking after our People, Planet and Places are high on the Braeview agenda and we are delighted to be starting our journey with Green Tourism. We have a lots of work to do to get our initial Award but we'll keep you posted with updates and hopefully we'll be celebrating our first Green Tourism Award soon. 

You can check out the Green Tourism webpage here

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Things we already do......

1) Recycle in all our pods

2) Supply Bamboo (tree free) toilet roll

3) No Single Use Plastic - all toiletries are refills

4) Provide plastic free tea bags

5) Provide ground coffee from a local supplier

6) The whole site is powered by the Wind Turbine from the farm

7) Commit to minimum stays in our hot tubs pods  - we never have more than 2 sets of guests per week to ensure that each hot tub is not changed over more than twice

8) Provide an EV charger to encourage guests with EVs 

9) Use eco friendly cleaning products - better for the cleaners and the treatment plant

10) Encourage wildlife with our no mow banking and burn as well as continued planting of trees, hedges and shrubs.

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